Surprise, it was a lie!! Forgive me as I yawn!

Per another blog:

In an unexpected turn of events, former Green Beret, John Paulus, said on his weblog earlier this morning that he lied about his alleged January 2, 2006 sexual tryst with Clay Aiken.
This comes after more than a year of passionate assertion, whereby Paulus was adamant that he had a sexual encounter with Aiken in a North Carolina hotel room. Paulus previously claimed Aiken engaged him in conversation on the “Big Muscle” gay website, and they subsequently met for sex. According to Paulus, he later felt rejected by Aiken after his attempts to contact Aiken were snubbed.
Consequently, Paulus talked to the tabloids and press alleging that he was in possession of a towel containing DNA evidence, IM chat transcripts, and incriminating nude webcam shots of Aiken. Paulus passed two lie detector tests for the National Enquirer, his initial contact.
As of March 2, 2007, John Paulus is singing a different tune. According to Paulus, he was recruited by a group of eight people in July of 2005 to carry out a plot to discredit Aiken’s straight-arrow image and portray him as a promiscuous homosexual. Paulus is claiming they located him from the “Big Muscle” gay website…
“They saw me there and that I was muscular, attractive, and from NC. and persuaded me to help them. So we worked out this scheme over 6 months and put it into place going over ever detail. I even took 3 prior lie detector test so that I could pass one by any media that gave me one.”
According to Paulus,
“… it was nothing but a story concocted by another Idols fans and I was nothing, but the front person in this scheme.”
What about the evidence previously offered up by Paulus? Said Paulus,
“Oh what about the cumrag? Used a prop. And the cell phone calls? They were calls made by “haters” to my phone. And the hotel room? There was really a room 207 and I really did check in and I did walk with someone into the room.” “Clay and I never met nor have we ever had sex.”
All of this begs the question, why would John Paulus participate in such a scheme and then cling to it so tenaciously for more than a year? Paulus explained,
“My only compensation was that they would get me in touch with Lucas to do porno.”
In his estimation, Paulus’ porn flick, for Lucas Entertainment, New York City, paid his bills for an entire year.
After Paulus initially went public with his allegations, last year, he claimed that some of Aikens’ fans (also known as Claymates) sent threatening emails and death threats, telephoned him at his job, and got him fired from his job, prompting him to contact the FBI for protection. An added incentive for Paulus to stick with his story, after his Lucas Entertainment deal, was…
“Because Claymates pissed me off and it was fun messing with them.”
He got his porn deal, he messed with the Claymates; so what caused John Paulus to do this sudden about face and claim that his liaison with Aiken was all part of a grand scheme in which he played only a small role? When asked, Paulus explained that his co-conspirators were offended by his apparently softening stance on Aiken, and he felt they were attempting to discredit him….
“Because when I told the haters I was over this and didn’t want to be a part of their game and I defended Clay by saying he looked good and happy on Kimmel they attacked me and said I was a traitor. I can not go on lying for them and destroying a good person.”
Amongst those, who Paulus alleged were involved, included an accused blog owner who goes by the name of “Percocet” and owns the “Clay Aiken Fraud Squad” blog, formerly named, “Rabid Claymates Exposed”. Percocet denied that she had any involvement in, or knowledge of, the “scheme” that Paulus spoke of.
“I am not, and to the best of my knowledge, noone on my blog is in any kind of cooperation with JP. It is becoming clear how insane he is. You can read his e-mails that he sent to me earlier tonight in my blog comments at 411. JP is just concocting a big story.”
Paulus went on to say,
“I’d be willing to have a press conference admitting that this was all a lie and that Clay and I never met nor did he ever solicit me for sex and that as far as I know he is straight.”
In a conciliatory tone, Paulus added,
“I hope that the Claymates will forgive me as Clay has.”
But like sands through the hourglass, no soap opera is ever over. Paulus has more to reveal,
“I will share more about this scheme put together by posters on the 411 over the weekend”
~ Twilight Dreamer

P.S. Clay did not expose himself to anyone. Just thought I would add that.


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Best Christmas Lights Display Ever!!!

"Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34). Uttered by Jesus Christ as he was put to death.

"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you." (Ephesians 4:32)


All is Well!!

No words necessary!!

Happy Holidays Everyone and God Bless!!!

This Weeks Biggest Losers 11/25/06!!!

Kelly Ripa:

With her clay-footed handling of an American Idol's playful banter, Ripa inadvertently plunged into the treacherously shrill waters of "What's up with that?" Compounding matters, beyond Rosie's dark "View" of the matter, is the utterly unbelievable nature of Ripa's apology. She was worried about catching cold and flu season germs? To paraphrase a lyric from "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word," -- track five of
Aiken's latest album -- "It's a sad, sad situation, and it's getting more and more absurd." Memo to Gelman: Wash, rinse, repeat.


Happy Thanksgiving!


by Ivy Eastwick

Thank You for all my hands can hold-
Apples red and melons gold,
Yellow corn, both ripe and sweet,
Peas and beans, so good to eat!

Thank You for all my eyes can see-
Lovely sunlight, field and tree,
White cloud-boats in sea-deep sky,
Soaring bird and butterfly.

Thank You for all my ears can hear-
Birds' song echoing far and near,
Songs of little stream, big sea,
Cricket, bullfrog, duck and bee!

Have a Nice Holiday!

Peace and Love to All!



Guest Co-Host Aiken Infuriates Ripa On "Regis And Kelly"
November 21, 2006 5:38 a.m. EST
Maira Oliveira - All Headline News Reporter

New York, New York (AHN) - Don't you dare think of ever laying your hand on Kelly Ripa, or she will definitely rip you a new... well, you know. Clay Aiken was a special guest on "Live with Regis and Kelly" on Friday, co-hosting with Kelly. But when it came time for the two to interview the winners of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars," the former soap actress sat high on her throne and refused to let Clay get one word in to ask his questions. Two minutes into the interview, the talk show diva was still yapping away like there was no tomorrow. The climax came when Clay jokingly put his hand over the obnoxious blonde's mouth, finally preventing her from speaking while he interviewed Emmit Smith and Cheryl Burke. That's when Kelly's claws really came out, telling Clay he had done a big "no-no."She looked into the camera with smoke coming out of her ears and fumed, "Oh that's a no-no... I don't know where your hands have been."However, the story didn't end there, and with her panties still tied up in a bunch, Kelly made sure to talk about the incident on Monday's show. She told Regis how Clay was completely disrespectful (although, if she really wants to talk about disrespect, just take a look at Michael Richards racist tirade) and demanded an apology. However, Clay was too busy cozying up cheek-to-cheek with Tyra on "The Tyra Banks Show" and told Kelly to shove it. Okay, maybe not exactly, but we sure wish he had.

This is where Clay's hands have been:

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Clay Aiken - UNICEF Ambassador

UNICEF Snowflake lighting ceremony in New York City on Saturday, November 18 at the intersection of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue. The UNICEF Snowflake, designed by Ingo Maurer with 16,000 Baccarat crystal prisms, will be illuminated by UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken to kick off the holiday season.

"No better way to change the world and promote peace than to save the children..."
-Clay Aiken, speaking at tonight's UNICEF Snowflake lighting

People at the event:

"They said it was a much larger crowd than usual for this event (wonder why?) and that they have a giant light switch for Clay to pull to light the snowflake." ~ Rainlover

"They're talking with UNICEF PR representative..he says Clay is the nicest and most genuine guy...he is exactly the way you see him, very involved with UNICEF....very humble.....very highly respectedSays his celebrity page on UNICEF site is the most viewed of any celebrity" ~ linlas
"Brooklyn Youth Chorus is on stage now." ~ Clayscience21

"Mayor Bloomberg is expected to be there!" ~ CV's cotton

"Clay just came out. Gray jacket, gray scarf ... no hat. Long coat." ~ windstar2


"Before they flipped the switch, Clay said something about having a lot of screaming ladies with him." ~ windstar2

"now he is talking to a little girl on stage..lot of people left.. but some still there.. she is headed to the fence where he is ..he might be siginging autographs.. [TV station] NY One is interviewing him.." ~ CLAYPERFECT


Clay spoke to the "flakecert'ers" on via phone - "first one to get Clay to say Hello on the phone..and it was just for us ..the streamers.." ~ CLAYPERFECT

What a honor to have Clay chosen to light the Unicef Snowflake. We always knew he was a great role model.

Help Support UNICEF:

In NYC tonight....

There is the light of a brillant star
One made of many facets of the purest shining crystal
One that is meant to be a symbol of hope for all the world's children
One that is beautiful and precious beyond compare
It's not the one made of Baccarat and suspended high above the streets
It's the one we know and love and hold dearly in our hearts
You're beautiful, Clay... inside and out.... and the world is just beginning to see what we've known all along


Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Looky, Looky what we have found!!

This was on JP original blog on May 2, 2006 saying or insinuating this guy was 17 years old and was cruised by CA. Problem is, the guy looks like an actor named David Chokachi of BayWatch fame. David is 39 (much younger in the photo) and not gay and had nothing to do with it.

When butty boy was pressed on it by several others on the board, he back-tracked and removed the blog.

And JP himself saying he doubt's the authenticity.

Mr. Chokachi handlers have been notified and so have the authorities.

The FALSE pedophile crap stops RIGHT NOW, NEVER happened NEVER will!

To the Swamp Dwellers!!


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